John La Mattery

Realtor® | Team Leader

Helping families secure a piece of the American Dream in San Diego — one of the most beautiful regions in the world — is what John does best. He is dedicated to building stronger and healthier communities; and the path to this begins with happier homes.

Born into a family of industry experts, John can’t remember a time the real estate market was not at the forefront of dinner conversations and in 2002 he joined the real estate industry professionally at the young age of 25.

John now serves as a Team Leader for the Wannebo Real Estate Group and dedicates time to not only his clients, but to mentoring and training other real estate professionals on how to best serve their clients in this evolving market.

While not working hard to secure your dreams, John spends time with his family, travels the world, and simply enjoys this amazing Southern California dream that we all love.

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