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Real Estate Agents – Dirtiest Secret – EXPOSED!    by Kurt Wannebo

Today I’m going to cover one of real estate agent’s dirtiest secrets that they don't want you to know about and they don't want their clients to know about. Let’s be clear here, a lot of other real estate agents are going to be extremely and really mad at me for putting this out there and on video. But i don't care because you see I dedicated my career as a consumer advocate and doing what's in my client’s best interest. 

First, I have to start by educating you on something about what agents do to market your property. Yes, they market it all over the internet into the world and they create videos and they create brochures and

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I Listed a Property for 1$ - Find out what happened!!  by Kurt Wannebo

Hi Kurt Wannebo here. I actually a few months ago listed a property for ONE DOLLAR! I’m excited to tell you the story behind it and what the outcome was. Alright so here’s the background story of this, I meet with Sellers all the time and many times they want to list their property at a much higher price. Because they feel like every buyers is going to write an offer lower than their list price and they haven’t seen a lot of properties out there like their neighbors who have sold for above list so they want to be very conservative which is fine, I work with clients like that all the time. But likewise there are a lot of agents

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The Tale of Three Properties by Kurt Wannebo

People are always telling me that they think their home is going to sale for the same price irrespective of which agent they actually use. Or people will tell me that all of you agents are the same and you all do the same marketing. Or they have said they’re really consciences of what they want to put their home on the market for because they think that will effect the final sales price. Today, I’m going to tell you a story about three different properties which were almost completely identical, on the market at the same time and had three completely different results.

Let’s talk about these three identical properties, I was very familiar with them, I

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Whether you live in the Carmel Valley 92130 zip code or want to buy somewhere specific in the Carmel Valley 92130 zip code, this is a great resource for you! Check out our communities section of our website to see market stats or properties for sale, in escrow or recently sold. You can see real time data in your area, all the way down to your specific COMMUNITY! This is a great way to see what properties just like yours have recently sold for and are on the market for. You can even see rentals and rental rates. You cant find this level of detail on Zillow or other real estate websites!


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Craig Sewing Hosts Broker Kurt Wannebo Wall Street Journal’s #1 Agent Team, Owner/Broker of San Diego Real Estate and Investments Broker Kurt discusses the recently approved, revised plan for the One Paseo project in Carmel Valley. The mixed use project will have residential, office and retail all in one creative space. The residential areas will be highly amenitized and offer unique community spaces like rooftop shared kitchens! The office space will be a cutting edge co-working environments to attract top companies. Restaurants and Shops will be like nothing in the area currently. Traffic concerns have been taken into consideration with improvement to be made in regards to stoplights and traffic flow plus, a new shuttle concept will be added.

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Broker Kurt with Director Melissa Brown from the Youth Arts Academy of The Boys & Girls Club San Dieguito + a special guest performance by the band TACZ! In this segment Kurt & Melissa talk about the music programs offered at YAA and their upcoming fundraiser, Commotion by the Ocean – A “rock & roll” event hosting 14 of their talented student bands & local food trucks.

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Wall Street Journal’s #1 San Diego Realtor Kurt Wannebo features his video of the exclusive Rancho Pacifica community in 92130 nestled between Del Mar and Rancho Santa Fe; near the Del Mar Race Polo Fields, Fairbanks Country Club and Del Mar Beach. He also provides an update on the real estate market, and discusses why the median sales price this year has began to decrease earlier than last year’s.The American Dream airs Saturday mornings at 10:00am on Cox / Time Warner Channel 4.


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Wall Street Journal’s #1 San Diego Realtor Kurt Wannebo and media spokesperson, Rachel Liang, discuss the new One Paseo development proposed for Carmel Valley that would add a new mini downtown promenade to North County and bring many benefits to the community.The American Dream airs Saturday mornings at 10:00am on Cox / Time Warner Channel 4.


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