All of our listing agreements are modified from the standard Realtor templates so that you can cancel the agreement or fire us at any time, without ANY fees paid! Did you know that when you hire a real estate agent to list and sell your home, that you are signing an agreement to hire them for specified period of time? This time period varies but can be for 3 months, 6 months, or even up to a year! Many agents can put on a great initial presentation upon first meeting them, but then after you hire them, you might find they do not fulfill all of their promises, they might stop returning your calls or you don't hear from them very frequently if the property does not sell quickly. Or worse you might discover you don't even like the agent you are working with as selling a home can be a very personal experience, and you are stuck in a contract. We have the solution and having been operating this way for years, with our cancel anytime program. We allow all of our clients to cancel our services, with no fees paid, even if we bring you offers! We do this for three very specific reasons: 

  1. We have confidence in our systems, our marketing, our track record, and our level of customer service that we don't feel we need to lock you into an agreement. Because the average agent only sells 2.5 properties a year, many times agents will lock you into an agreement to increase their chances of making an income with a sale. 
  2. We want to earn your trust and earn your business each and every day. If we know that you can simply fire us with a simply email after investing thousands of dollars marketing your home, you can be rest assured that we are going to be attentive, answer all your calls and emails, and work every day to do everything we can to help your property sold. Some agents after obtaining a contract with you, might lose all their enthusiasm after a long period of time if your property doesn't sell quickly or even worse you might not hear from them very much! 
  3. We only want to work with clients that want to work with us. It just makes everyone's life a lot less stressful. Some agents only sell 1-2 homes a year, so even if the client isn't a good fit, they will continue on even under difficult circumstances, as their entire income depends on it. We feel selling a property is stressful enough and to have to do it with an agent you don't feel comfortable with makes it even worse. 
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