OUr Short Sale Experience

Don’t be fooled by agents claiming to be the #1 expert. Be sure to ask these questions, before choosing who to work with!

  • If I GOOGLE or YELP you – what would I find?
  • Do you do the bank negotiating yourself or pass it on to someone else to do the negotiating?
  • How long have they been doing them?
  • What lenders have they worked with?
  • How many have they ”CLOSED” in this year? NOT how many listings do they currently have! (Ask For Proof!)
  • How many have they lost to foreclosures or what is their success ratio? (Ask for Proof!)
  • Do they have tax or legal support or people for you to talk to?

I don’t lie about my numbers! Ask your agent how many they have done!

Total Short Sale Closings: ( as of 09-18-2017 )

  • Current Listings (In San Diego): 0
  • Short Sales Sold Total (All Time in All of CA): 968
  • Short Sales in the last 6 months (In San Diego): 19
  • Went to Foreclosure (All Time): 25 (as of 12/21/2011)
  • Success Rate: 95%

Kurt Wannebo, CEO and Broker of San Diego Real Estate and Investments has been doing short sales since essentially they resurfaced in the San Diego Real Estate Market, about 5 years ago. Since then he has helped hundreds of clients and has worked with almost every lender imaginable to negotiate a payoff much less than what the clients owed.

Kurt Wannebo and his team of 12 agents started training and working with short sales, years before most real estate brokers had even heard from them, and to this day still attends seminars and training put on by some of the top experts in short sales and loss mitigators all across the nation. He also is a national trainer and speaker on short sales to hundreds of real estate agents AND ATTORNEYS across the nation since 2008, he is the guy that teaches other real estate agents and attorneys how to do them, and do them right!

Kurt started keeping track of every lender he has worked with and has compiled a database of almost every lender so he knows, all of their systems, secret phone numbers, and many of the lenders top loss mitigators, supervisors, Vice Presidents, Senior Vice Presidents, and has relations with the executive offices of most national banks to get your deal done and so that all of the offers on your property get into the rights hands. As of today Kurt Wannebo solely focuses on doing short sales and has the experience and knowledge to get even the most difficult transaction done.

Not only that, Kurt and his team negotiates the entire transaction in house, because that is how successful short sales should be done! We don’t outsource all of our work to any third parties.WHY? Because there isn’t a third party negotiating firm that has been doing them longer than him, or has the contacts that he does!

Kurt Wannebo will always make sure you have a complete understanding of your options, and advise you to talk to your tax advisers and CPA, as well as a real estate attorney. He will never charge you any out of pocket fees, and will allow you to cancel your short sale listing at any should you decide to go another route or be able to save your home yourself. All of his services cost you nothing out of pocket, and you can cancel at any time with no obligation or fees.

Be sure when pursuing your options to watch out for people who claim to be experts. Make sure there are no up front fees and know what their cancellation policies are. Ask how many short sale ”CLOSINGS” they have had in the past 6 months, and always be careful if they do not want you to talk to any other professionals. You should know all of your options!

Should you want to speak to Kurt Wannebo directly and get a FREE 1 Hour Consultation over the phone, simply call us. 

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