We can help you find properties in areas you want to move to, that aren't even on the market! 

Most buyers can find homes on the market themselves with the use of the internet these days. In fact, it is so easy that some buyers even ask themselves, why do I need a real estate agent to find me why next home? We feel the same way, which is why we feel we had to go above and beyond to offer value to our buying clients. How do we do this? Two ways. 

First, as one of the top teams in the county and in specific areas, we actually have an entire inventory of properties that are in the process of being prepared to come on the market. We give our buyers the first opportunity to preview, and submit offers on these listings. Also in some areas such as Carmel Valley or the 92130 zip code, we actually know of hundreds of sellers willing to sell their property to buyers we bring them, but don't actually list their home on the market. 

 The second way we do this is even more unique. If we have a buyer client that is looking in a specific area, development or even street, we actually will spend time, energy and MONEY, trying to find a homeowner willing to sell that is not yet on the market. We create specific marketing pieces to try and generate sellers of properties for our buyers, we make calls, and we door knock. We research multiple proprietary databases, to find people upside down, in foreclosure, going through probate, getting a divorce, have leases expiring, or people who tried to sell in the past but were unsuccessful.

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